About Us

The ROD Group is made up of trained volunteers who dedicate their time to giving practical as well as spiritual support, enabling inmates to successfully turn their lives around.

Why We Do It

Our vision is to work together with inmates, family members, the justice system, charities and other agencies in order to reduce the number of inmates who re-offend, who self-harm or ...


We offer the ‘Root Course’ where we’ll help inmates look within themselves in order to identify the root cause of their offending/reoffending behaviour.

What we do


Our Main Services

The ROD Group contributes to progressive change for the benefit and delivery of a safe society


One To One Session

We listen and provide the holistic support that they need.


Letters written

We work to reduce the pressure upon families and to increase the morale of inmates.


Group Sessions

Spend time with the inmates and their families to build positive relationships.


Deliver food hampers

We care about families who loved ones are in prison.

A programme specifically for people in prison, as well as for their families and friends. Aimed at providing uplifting words and support, this programme reaches out to those who are unable to receive personal support and guidance. It ensures regular visitors who have experience of prison either themselves or through a family member. Join us as we work to rebuild the lives of ex-offenders and their loved ones.


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Since 1997, we provide best service for our society.


Years of experince

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Do you want to find out the root of your problem is? Find out more about our course