Rescue of dignity

The Rescue of Dignity Group (ROD) has been operating in the United Kingdom since 1997. Its approach to reducing recidivism is a holistic programme that offers offenders continued support in the community from sentencing through imprisonment, aiming to enable them to become law-abiding citizens and to live positive lives.

The ROD Group is made up of trained volunteers who dedicate their time to giving practical, as well as spiritual support that has enabled inmates to successfully turn their lives around.

Since starting our work over 20 years ago, we have helped many inmates, ex-offenders and their families regain the dignity that they had lost, using a number of support systems and activities.

The ROD Group values the work of the Prison & Detention Centres as places that help inmates become law-abiding citizens and prepare them to lead better lives upon their release. Punishment leads to deprivation of liberty and prison regimes can make it difficult to rebuild one’s life and security. Prison staff can face strenuous challenges and society should extend a helping hand to help make the correctional function of prisons more humane. Society can and should contribute to progressive change towards a safer society when detainees are released back into the community.

However, it is clear to the ROD Group that once released, inmates can often feel judged, creating a counter-productive effect on reformed detainees upon release. It is known that reformed inmates often face discrimination among members of their local community, or rejection by fellow employees after having undergone a strict rehabilitation programme.

Our mission

Prison inmates are often seen as society’s failures, people who can sometimes be set aside and forgotten about or condemned for the wrong they have done. However, this is not the belief of the ROD Group. We work closely with inmates and their families to:

  • Restore lost dignity;
  • Empower inmates and ex-offenders to take control of their lives;
  • Unite families separated through incarceration;
  • Promote an ethos of change.

Our Goals

The ROD Group uses several methods to work with inmates and their families.
Overall, by December 2018 we aim to:

  • Establish a rehabilitation programme tailored to local prisons;
  • Measure a decrease in reoffending of those who access our rehabilitation services;
  • Measure an increase in general well-being of those serving sentences;
  • Record a higher level of engagement with inmates’ families.

Our vision

The vision of the ROD Group is to work together with inmates, families, the justice system, charities and other agencies to reduce the number of inmates who reoffend, take their own lives and self-harm.