Do you provide legal services?

What systems does your organisation have in place to help my child stay away from criminal activities when faced with peer pressure to participate in gangs and violence?

Our mentoring system supports clients prior to their release date as well as upon release, through to procuring a job or a flat or even organising a family reunion.

Will my child be exposed as an offender? Should he/she attend your church? Will there be a mentor to support him/her; will he/she be sign-posted wherever possible to ensure a positive outcome/testimony?

Your child will not be exposed as an offender. Issues of confidentiality are always complex. The head mentor may find it appropriate to explain to the ex-offender that aspects of their history will be shared with the Bishop, for example. Very often this may not be deemed necessary; but it is good practice at the outset to explain to the ex-offender the confidentiality being offered. A mentor is assigned to each client and will work closely with them.

Does your church have a branch near me?

We have 32 branches dotted around the UK. We will locate the branch that is closest to you.

What other kinds of help can I receive from ROD?

Rescue of dignity’ offer services that are open to all who accept our code of practice; accessing them will depend on one’s confidence to mingle and participate.

How can your organisation help me? Can your mentoring help my young child stay out of gangs and avoid prison?

Once again, engagement with our programme will bring about empowerment and self-worth. This will encourage positive choices which will prevent imprisonment.

Can you assist with injustice experienced by inmates in prison?

Life within closed walls is challenging. We will not take sides; but in all cases, we will direct loved ones in the right direction.

How can you help with rehabilitation?

Engagement with our programme is key, and allows positive outcomes for our clients. Offenders need to experience achievement rather than failure. Our mentoring programme emphasises and builds upon our clients’ small successes.

Can you give financial support?

ROD cannot offer financial support but we have a list of outside agencies that can.

Who are you?

Rescue of Dignity is a charity which for more than a decade has tirelessly volunteered to support HMP Services, HMP Detention Centres and HMP Family Centres in providing committed and continual support to inmates, ex-offenders and their respective families. We have helped to improve the lives of prisoners through letter writing, visits and offering encouragement and practical hands-on support and advice to families.


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