The Root Course consists of a series of seminars in which we will uncover the root causes of persistent offending/reoffending and other behavioural problems. The idea is to identify these bad roots and uproot them permanently. These seminars will also guide ex-offenders on how to readjust to society.

Three steps ROOT course

In order to understand what occurs in the lives of repeatedly unsuccessful people, it is necessary to pinpoint the source of the problem and get to the root of it.

When we permanently get rid of a tree, we remove the roots. In life, we often are frustrated with our problems because we only deal with the ‘leaves and branches—the visible factors—but not with the root cause that feeds them.

For example, a criminal tries to reform and might even be successful for a short amount of time. However, they often fall back into the dreaded cycle of committing crime once again.

Failed attempts at change are analogous to cutting off the leaves and branches of a tree without addressing the roots!

This is where the Root Course can help. The individual will learn to identify the root of their problems and how to kill off the roots.

Every seminar will serve the purpose of teaching three important lessons:

  1. How to find the root of problems.
  2. Eliminating the problem at its root.
  3. How to grow new, healthy roots on replenished soil and, consequently, build a new life on a solid foundation.

It’s time to recognise any weaknesses one may have and take the step of enrolling on the Root Course. Once the problem has
been identified, uprooting it is the next step. Once the source of the issue is identified and uprroted, the person can start a new life all over again.

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