Meet and Greet

Being released from prison should be an exciting moment for prisoners. However, we know that there are many who have lost contact with their loved ones due to their incarceration. While this moment should be one of joy, it can bring fear to many, especially those who have served a long sentence or those who don’t have a plan about what to do once they are released.

We can arrange to meet those who are released at the prison gates, providing a friendly face and a helping hand to take the first steps towards rebuilding their lives.


The ROD Group operates solely thanks to the work of our volunteers. We have no paid employees and re-invest our gains into our work.

Our volunteers come from a broad range of backgrounds including: –

  •  Ex-offenders
  •  Family members of offenders
  •  Those working in the prison system
  •  Those working in the justice system
  •  Those passionate about inmates’ rights

Through working with this range of people, we are able to offer not only well-rounded support, advice and guidance but also a real-world view of what inmates and their families are going through, the support that can be offered and potential gaps in provision.

There are no minimum requirements for our volunteers’ time; all we ask is that the time that they do spend volunteering with us is inmate and family-focused.

Our volunteers are not expected to undertake all aspects of ROD’s services. We understand that each person can bring a variety of different skills to share.
Letter writing may not be for one person but mentoring might, and vice versa. We seek to empower our volunteers to achieve their potential just as much as we encourage inmates to achieve theirs.


We offer both in-house and external training for our volunteers.

All volunteers will receive the compulsory basic training, which will help them understand court hearings, speak with families who would like to make referrals and offer administrative support. However, further more extensive training is required for letter writing, prison visits, mentoring and befriending.

All volunteers are welcome to put themselves forward for further training or to offer feedback about gaps in training that they would like to receive.
As a voluntary organisation, we work closely with inmates, families and our volunteers to offer the best service possible.